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Self-storage facilities or storage units are not only for individuals or households. Businesses can also benefit from a full-service storage facility like ours. You can be a startup or established business that is looking to expand. Clutter is the killer of productivity. You need to keep your workplace neat and tidy while also ensuring access to important items. This is where storage rentals can come in handy. 

Storage rentals are available in several different sizes – from 2×5 closets to 10×30 rooms. Here’s how you can use these innovative, cost-effective spaces to your business’ advantage.

Spacious & Organized Working Space

Did you know that companies like Apple, Amazon, HP, or even Google started from a garage? In the next few years, you might be hearing about companies that started in a storage unit. Many storage facilities have now started offering storage units as office space. These storage facilities are usually located in the outskirts of large cities, which makes them an ideal working space that is accessible but far from the usual hustle and bustle of the cities. 

This is significantly cheaper than paying for an office, or even a co-working space. Even if you cannot find a storage facility that is offering something like this, you can still use storage units to store office equipment till you can find a proper office.

Protection from Climate Change, Pests, and Cyber Hacking

All businesses need some kind of storage for documents like financial logs, research reports, customers’ details, and so on. You might think that all this information can be saved on computer discs or cloud storage but that data is always susceptible to hacking or cyber-attacks. So, you will always need some backups. Losing this data can cause serious losses. Storage rentals can be a safe and convenient option for storing all these logs and records. Use your storage unit to safely store the data in hard drives and hard copies. You can easily access them whenever you want with our smart storing solutions. Storage units are designed to protect your belongings from threats like climate and the nuisance of pests. 

Organized Warehouse

Commercial space is usually quite expensive and it can be quite expensive for most startups to afford a large office space right in the center of the cities. What you can do is to rent a small office, where you and your staff can sit and meet potential clients, and use a storage unit to keep anything else related to your business. For example, when you are running a boutique or an export company, your office shouldn’t be cluttered with your samples or inventory. You need to build a rapport with your clients and a cluttered place will not make a good first impression. Make use of a self-storage unit to keep all the junk, samples, extra materials, and goods – while keeping your public office, small yet elegant and stylish. This will help you make a better impression.

Temporary Storage for Your Office Expansion

When you have generated enough funds to buy or rent a better place for your company, you can make your shift a lot more convenient with the help of storage rentals. You can also use them to temporarily store your goods during the renovation. They are also an effective source of organizing your goods before the final move.

Moving to a new place can be daunting. Cut down the costs of shifting or the cost that you will incur in terms of damage to your office equipment. Storage space is the most convenient solution for a quick and organized transition or renovation. Many storage facilities (like ours) offer pick up and storage solutions so you will also save a lot on loading or moving.

Store your ecommerce business Inventory

The biggest advantage of running an ecommerce business is that you can save on the costs associated with a brick and mortar store. You can run an ecommerce business from home. However, you still need a place to keep your inventory unless you are using a drop shipping model but you will have to work with small profit margins. It’s best if you can get your inventory in big lots at wholesale price. And in case you are looking for a cost effective and easily available space to keep your inventory, storage rentals are the best solution. Stalk up all your products in an organized manner. 

You can walk in and access all your inventory any time without worrying about theft or damages. 

Easily Available and Convenient

Self storage facilities are getting quite in demand. With several new facilities opening up, there is no dearth of finding a storage solution that meets your needs. If you are in Gatineau or Ottawa, we have a number of storage solutions that you can consider. Place all your goods in a spacious setting. Your stuff will remain safe and free from wear and tear. With ever increasing business challenges and stress associated with growing a business, a pick and storage service can feel like a breath of fresh air.

Storage rentals can be a great asset to your business. Commercial rents are inflating at an atrocious level and storage units can help you save a lot of time and money.