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More space means more comfort. Who doesn’t want more space in his room or office? It’s not easy to move into a bigger home or office. So, the easiest (and the cheapest) way to get more space is using a storage space. A small storage unit will cost peanuts when compared to what a bigger home or office can cost. 

Stoflyte offers small or mini storage units like rooms, locker, or boxes. You can rent these units for a certain time period and all of these options come with features like 24/7 surveillance, pick up and delivery, and inventory management.

Here’s how a small storage unit can be of help:


Using a storage unit puts your mind at ease. As we will handle everything from moving to storing items. It reduces the burden of keeping inventories and making space for items that you do not need any time sooner. As for a business, renting a self-storage leaves enough space in the office for other stuff. Moreover, it makes the relocation easier and simpler. The storage company will assist in moving the items into their venue and then back to the store whenever you want them to.

Apart from convenience, our smart storage offers flexibility too. You will pay only for the space you are using (unlike a self storage unit) and the contracts are easy to terminate given that you want to pull out.


Be it a home or an office, it is likely to get strewn with items over time. It can get packed with stuff, especially after a move. Most people do not get enough time to get everything in place (or find a space for everything). So, using a storage unit gives you time to plan and helps declutter your home or office. When you finally decide where to put those items, you can take them out of the storage. This way, you can organize your stuff with minimal stress and confusion.

Online inventory management will give you access to everything that you are moving to the storage unit. 

Safety and Security

Storing your important and valuable items in a storage unit is a safe option. We promise to keep the goods secured with our surveillance. There’s way more protection than what you will have at your home or office.

We will take responsibility for your goods the moment we pick them up from your home. These storage spaces are climate-controlled, which means the risk of weather-related damages would be minimal. It will also prevent any harm caused by pests, molds, and insects.


Storage spaces help save money, especially for business owners. It is better than the traditional warehouses because you will get a lot more services while paying a significantly lower rent. You can keep valuables or records that can be expensive to replace. Moreover, many belongings have a sentimental value. And one needs peace of mind to keep them safe and secure. You can place a lot of stuff in the small units as these units are highly spacious. 


If you are running an online business, a small storage unit can be quite useful. It can come in handy as a warehouse for your business items which means very little overhead costs. There is much less stress involved with small storage units when compared to getting a traditional warehouse. It can be a great choice for a retail business, bookstore, or a printing press.

Additional Services

As earlier mentioned, a smart storage company like Stoflyte will offer additional amenities and services to facilitate you. You will get security features like alarm systems, adequate lighting, sophisticated locks, and passcode entry gates. The leasing options are also meant to cater to different needs.

Small storage units are perfect for people who are not looking for long-term contracts. Just go through different service pages and read the details carefully to see if these are  a good fit. Choose the right space and make an order and our moving and packing team will reach your doorstep to transport your belongings.