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Easy Storage

Moving town, downsizing, or decluttering your office, but don’t want to say goodbye to your stuff for good? We have got you covered with our easy storage solutions. You don’t have to pay an insanely huge amount or extra cash for space that is not being used. Pay a reasonable amount for the storage space you require and later on, you can avail of other services provided by them by paying a little extra as needed. These services include packing materials, packing, insurance, as well as the collection, and delivery.

Packing and Delivery

All you need to do is to inform the movers two days before the move and the rest will be done for you. The worker will bring their easy pods to load your packed stuff, lock the easyPods using security seals and transport them to a protected storage facility. Moreover, when you need your belongings workers will deliver them to wherever you need them safely.

Pay for what you utilize

No need to pay additional charges for facilities that you don’t use i.e. time and space. Just deliver 14 days’ notification when moving out and, on request, your remaining rent over a certain amount will be reimbursed to you. The minimum payment is one month’s rent and a security fee.

Unlike self-storage, we use space by storing high in a storage unit, utilizing cubic meters that are often otherwise not consumed.


If your items are valuable enough to store then they are worth to insure. There are many insurance policies made for goods in storage. Pay an added price to your rent monthly to get your items insured for your peace of mind.

Now you can contact the easy storage consultant to obtain the best guidance for your storage needs and even schedule the service online.

Easy Storage Solutions in Ottawa

easy storage solutions

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