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Letter to You

by | Oct 22, 2020 | Storage and Organization | 0 comments

Dear Valued Storage Customer,

We’re glad you’re here. 

You’ve struggled with storage, and we know how painful it can be…messy storage units, missing stuff lost at the bottom of the big storage pile, and hours of back-breaking work. Oh and let’s not forget, non-customizable options that are not tailored for unique needs like yours.

You like convenience. You like options. You need storage that suits your life. Storage that simpler, smarter, and has options that work for you.

We hear you. And we’re here to oblige.

StoFlyte was founded for customers exactly like you.

We’ve created storage solutions that suit your lifestyle, that are tailored to meet your storage needs no matter how big or small, that make your life easier, and suit your budget.

Our vision is to take care of storage for you from beginning to end. Our team will do everything from packing, picking up, to storing and bringing back your stuff. Making the process simple as easy as possible for you.

Plus, we know you like to keep track of things on your phone. So we give you that too. All of your inventory can be easily managed online. Making it easier for you to order stuff you need back (like those winter jackets you stored, or the waffle maker you would have forgotten about if you didn’t store with us and see it on your account). 

Like we said, we just want to make your life easier. Or, at least, your storage life.


The StoFlyte Team












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