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Storage Picking and Delivery

Whether you aim to reduce the clutter in your office or are moving to a much smaller apartment but don’t want to depart from your valuable belongings indefinitely. Storage is the right answer to your problem but it can be physically and emotionally draining. Arranging movers to transfer your stuff to storage is quite a daunting task especially when it comes to trusting strangers with your precious belongings. There are many storage companies offering varying services, choosing the right one which suits your needs the best and is easy on your pocket is imperative. Now, life is made easier with the Storage pickup and delivery service where you don’t need to do any of the heavy lifting. This all-encompassing service is inclusive of packing and inventory. The team will arrive at your doorstep with all the material including storage boxes, wrapping material, and barcodes to do a careful inventory of your items. Your items will be then carefully loaded in their moving trucks and later they will be responsible for the safe transfer of your belongings to the storage warehouses. You need not worry about traffic or the fuel money at all.

Controlled environment

Their storage units are fully equipped with measures to prevent any potential damage over time to your valuables. To prevent deterioration due to extreme weather conditions we have installed devices to control the temperature and humidity for both long and short-term storage units. To ensure protection from dust damage and the damage that might result when loading and unloading the boxes, your belongingsbelonging will be secured and heavily wrapped. 

Delivery service

When the time comes to remove your items from the storage you can contact the company advisers who will help you navigate through the process by finding you the next convenient slot for the delivery, the final quote, and connect you to the movers.

Storage Picking And Delivery in Ottawa

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