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Self-storage units are quite in demand because these units epitomize convenience and organization, two things which are hard to find in today’s fast paced world. Technological advancement has allowed even these units to be leveraged optimally by utilizing smart solutions.

Smart storage is not only more affordable, it also offers more benefits than the typical self-storage. More and more people are resorting to smart storage … and here is why:

Storage Unit Prices

Smart storage units are cost-effective. This edge makes them superior to traditional self-storage. The per month price for smart storage starts from $2.99 while per month starting price for traditional self-storage units can be as high as $72. That is a drastic difference but the benefits do not end here.

How Smart Storage has an Edge in Other Aspects:

Apart from being highly affordable, smart storage offers several other benefits.


Smart storage offers plans tailored to your needs. It comes with online booking and online inventory management. The majority of the traditional self-storage units do not offer these simple yet convenient facilities.

Online booking saves your time and resources. The same goes for online inventory management. You need not visit your unit from time to time just to check the items. You can access it with just a few taps. Moreover, you can order returns whenever you want from anywhere.

Flexible Storage

Flexible storage ensures more space for the customers. It is perfectly suited for businesses of all types. Smart storage is flexible in terms of usage of both space and items. You can utilize this space and clear up your workplace (or home) to create desk space or a recreational area.


Security is the major concern when you are thinking of storing your valuable belongings in some other, distant place. Smart storage ensures the security of the items and incorporates several different types of securities. For example, our facility has multiple security cameras installed for 24/7 surveillance. There is an updated fire and alarm monitoring to be wary of any untoward incident. Most smart storage solutions also provide full-value replacement insurance.


The smart storage offers climate-controlled units and that too without any additional charge. Many people do not understand why climate-controlled units matter. These are extremely important because they can control the temperature and humidity level of the space and keep it consistent. This feature comes in quite handy in areas with extreme temperatures. Be it below zero of intense hot temperature, the belongings stand the risk of getting damaged, corroded, faded, and moldy.

Climate-controlled units are a necessity for storing these items:

·         Books, documents, photos, and files

·         Medications and medical supplies

·         Furniture or any item made of wood

·         Mattresses

·         Cribs, strollers, and bassinets

·         Electronics like computers, TVs, DVDs, speakers, and games.

·         Musical instruments

·         Toiletries and cosmetics

·         Antique vehicles, vinyl records, artwork, wine, and other antiques

Packing, Pick-up, and Moving

Smart storage facility covers all the bases when it comes to moving the belongings to the storage space. It takes care of the packing and provides packing supplies. A traditional self-storage might provide the supplies but you will have to do all of packing, picking up, or moving the items.

Stoflyte can help you at every step, starting from packing your stuff and offering pickup and dropping services. If you want to pull out some items from the storage unit, you can order them from the online inventory. The storage services will get it delivered to your doorstep and then pick it up again if you want. You will be charged additionally for these services but the convenience it provides is priceless.