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Self-storage has been quite common and the go-to option for people looking for some extra space. Full-service storage has taken that to another level. Full-service storage offers many benefits and conveniences that do not come with self-storage.

Before understanding how the former is better than the latter, you need to understand what both services entail.

Self-Storage Units

You must have seen warehouses with garage doors in rows after rows on the highway. These are the typical self-storage spaces called ‘drive-up access” units. When the storage units were introduced, drive-up access was the only form available.

As the industry developed, the companies realized the users’ preferences and started offering indoor temperature-controlled units with protection from external threats. 

Full-Storage Service

The full-storage services also go by the name of valet storage or on-demand storage. This service involves picking up, storing, and delivering your belongings whenever you need. The business model varies from company to company but most full service storage solutions like Stoflyte will assist with everything from packing to moving. 

Benefits of Full-Service Storage

Full-service storage is better than self-storage in many ways. Here are some of the benefits that make it unique and preferable:

All in One

Full-service storage is a one-stop solution for people who want to relocate or have some extra space in their house. These companies provide packing, transportation, and storage services all-in-one place. That means you do not have to purchase any packing supplies or beg your peers for a hand in packing and moving the stuff. The storage spaces are safe, clean, and climate-controlled.

Reduced Stress

Getting full-service storage means eliminating all stress typically associated with decluttering. The company will do the heavy lifting while moving your stuff to the warehouse. When you want your stuff back, all you have to do is call the company and get it delivered to your doorstep. You can use online inventory management on your smartphones to track the inventory and manage your belongings at any time.

Self storage means that you will have to sort out your belongings and place them in the storage. You will have to do everything from packing and moving items to put away in the storage space. It can get even more tedious if you are dealing with heavy or high value stuff like furniture or piano. Full-service storage takes this burden off your shoulders and executes it all.


Security provided by full-service storage is much better than the self-storage. As most of the things kept in the storage space are of high value, security is an important consideration. Most full-service storage companies will provide 24/7 security cameras, trained guard dogs, and armed guards. With self-storage units, security does exist, but on a very small scale. Moreover, the storage space is accessible to everyone. Only customers can remain within the vicinity of the space in the case of full-service storage.

Increased Safety

Safety is a major concern when using storage space. Full-service storage provides more safety than self-storage. It provides the proper equipment required to move the items safely into the unit. Many companies also offer liability coverage and damage insurance, so you will be compensated for losses.

Full service storage also offers enhanced safety against hazards like fire. They can also conduct a detailed pre-inspection of the items to see if there is any flammable or hazardous goods. Self-storage units do not perform any such checks, which means the ‘neighbor’ space might be home to anything, leading to odorous gases, fires, or any untoward incidents.


A lot of expenses are incurred when things are moved from home to the storage space. You need to pay for the packing supplies, a truck, and a moving company (if you have hired one). These expenses can be a huge burden on the pocket. But when you avail a full-service storage facility, you will be getting all the services in one package. The overall price and efforts will be way less than the sum of expenses done separately.

You have to assess your needs before renting a full-storage facility. Most of them require a commitment of at least two to three months.